Flap (LT/LTR) used for light-duty truck
  Flap (TBR/TB) used for Load truck
  Flap used for industrial vehicle tyre
  Flap used for engineering truck and for Other Voiture
Charfer customer test standard
Cord fabric standard
Chinlon-66dipped cord fabric
single nylon cord fabric weaving process
Nylon 6 dipped cord fabric (for the big tire)

 ※ Explained specially that, the company main unvulcanized products includes:The tire rubber, the tire tubeubber, the flap rubber, man-made rubber and so on

Unvulcanized Main Test Item
order  Main Test Item order  Main Test Item

1  Shore A Hardness Degrees

11  Hot Tension Set
2  Density 12  Flex Cracks
3  Curing  Variety 13  Abrasion
4  Mooney Viscosity 14  Carbon Black  Distribute
5  Mooney Scorch 15  Volatile  Content
6  Tensile Strength 16  Ash  Content
7  Elongation at Break 17  Acetone Extract
8  Tear Strength 18  Zine Oxide Content
9  Flex Life 19  Softening Point 
10  Ageing Tests 20  Melting Point
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