Flap (LT/LTR) used for light-duty truck
  Flap (TBR/TB) used for Load truck
  Flap used for industrial vehicle tyre
  Flap used for engineering truck and for Other Voiture
Charfer customer test standard
Cord fabric standard
Chinlon-66dipped cord fabric
single nylon cord fabric weaving process
Nylon 6 dipped cord fabric (for the big tire)
Chinlon-66dipped cord fabric
1, packing: the center of tire cord should be called wooden roller,
the wooden roller should be dry, the outer packing polyethylene membrane, and the cord fabric should be wrapped black
Moisture-proof packing material: both ends of cloth roll need to be sealed
after moisture-proof agent, and require paper baffle, and then wrapping
machine winding
The outer layer is wrapped and fixed with woven cloth or other materials of equal importance
2, appearance: light yellow cloth
3. Technical specification: Chinlon-66dipped cord fabric
Index specification 189D/2 1680D/2 1260D/2 840D/2
2100dtex/2 1870dtex/2 1400dtex/2 930dtex/2
88145/74145 28EPI
10cm±2 Warp Mi-gen 88/74 112
10cm±2 Weft mi-gen 8 8 17±5
Breaking strength (N/ root) 303.8 135
Elongation at break% 22.0±2.0 19
Coefficient of variation of
fracture strength%
≤4 ≤6.3
Coefficient of elongation at break% ≤6 ≤8.8
% EASL 9.0±0.8 9.0±1.0
(100N) (44.1N)
N/cm H extraction 147.2 95.0
thermal shrinkage 5.5 3.5-7.5
Moisture content% 1.5 1.0
% DPU 4.5±1.0 4.0-7.0
Cord diameter 0.78±0.05 0.55±0.05
Twisted nitial twist 320±20 470±15
Twisted second twist 320±20 470±15
4. nylon 6 dipped cord fabric test method according to international GB9102-2003.
Nylon 66 dipped tire cord test method according to the execution of 9101-2002.
Tire decision rules according to the national standard of GB/T91022003, there is a failure to
determine the number of unqualified: small fetal determination according to the corresponding
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